UPDATE: Club Closure

Published: 3 October 2020


We regret to inform everybody associated with our junior chess club over the last four years that we have had to make the difficult and unfortunate decision to close down the St Peters Lutheran Rookies club permanently.


We give our sincere thanks to St Peters Lutheran College who have been gracious and kind hosts of the Rookies Chess Club, and to many SPLC staff members and volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to assist the club.


We also give our utmost gratitude to all parents of the students who have given us nothing less than positive support and encouragement throughout the history of the club.


We and everyone who has helped us at the club have immensely enjoyed being a part of the Rookies club over the last four years.


Everyone who has worked with the students is very proud of the achievements of our junior players, as we have watched them develop their chess levels, problem solving skills and maturity in dealing with intellectual challenges as well as positive social interactions in times of triumph or disappointment alike.


Please keep an eye on the CAQ (Chess Association of Queensland) website:  http://caq.org.au/clubs/; then, please go to individual club website links to see when and where junior chess clubs in Brisbane are active again as term 4, 2020 commences.


We wish everyone who has been involved with the Rookies club

all the very best for the future.


Nik and Lavinia

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